Spotify Wrapped — Wrapping up a decade of music culture

As the 2010s drew to a close, we wanted to pay homage to an unforgettable decade in music. To date, our annual Wrapped campaign focused only on the previous year in review. So we want to know if we could go bigger than ever with our annual campaign; uncovering insights and data stories from the dawn of the streaming era in 2010 and extending through all the years of the tumultuous teens.
We delved into 10 years of listening data to create The Decade Wrapped. The campaign showcased the global influence of music on culture, and the unique way that listeners, artists, and podcasters experienced it on Spotify. With two brand films, three data-driven digital experiences, and a global OOH campaign, we celebrated stories that were shared by millions.



Client: Spotify
Agency: Spotify In-House
Role: Direction & Design
Design Director: Ellen Pai
Sr Art Director: Felipe Rocha
Design Team: Carlo Luetto, Erik Herrstrom, William Oswin
Collabrators: Dan Brill, Alex Bodman, Jill Menor, Bruno Luglio, Kat Kvas, Tal Midyan, Kate Carter, Alex Reingoss, Alexandra Tanguay, Lauren Solomon, Jonathan Chu, Payman Kassaie, Christine Andrén, Lindsay Fischler, Candice Greenberg, Christine Motch, Melanie Eisen, Kimberly Summers, Prapti Pandey, Claire Ulak, Zach Pentel, Nathan Doiev, Belinda Lopez, Lauren Keller, Jenna Allchin, Annie Dietz, Ian Graetzer, Karen Chang, Kenzie Tankersley, James W. Lee + more