New Music Friday

Every Friday, Spotify’s playlist editors curate the latest and most anticipated hits out there to headline the New Music Friday playlists – that you need to listen to, now. To accompany the relaunch of the playlist we proposed a visual identity that builds from the same concept urgency.
We needed to be bold, fresh and vibrant. For these reasons, we went with the italicized version of Spotify Circular, but made our thickest font-weight, Black, even thicker – and added a tail to visually communicate speed.


Client: New Music Friday, Spotify
Agency: Spotify In-House
Role: Direction
Leader Designer: Erik Herrström
Extended Design Team: Angeline Toh, Josephine Tansara, William Oswin
Collabrators: Aaron Melaragno, Lauren Solomon, Copywriter: Chris Monk, Strategy: Nathan Doiev, Producer: Gabby Kreutter, Sarah Patellos, Marian Dicus, Amanda Butler, Linnea Hemenez, Blaike Ford, Ashley Graver, Douglas Richard, Karolina Rennemark, Petter Eliasson, Shahin Haghjou and more.