Spotify 2020+ Design System

With the ambition to unify Spotify’s global marketing work, we created a directional design system containing three different articulations of the brand.  The directions called Focused, Playful and Editorial each expresses the brand in a unique way, and can be used appropriately.
The toolkit, a 300+ page document, displays a detailed view on how to use the directions in a number of applications ranging from ATL, animation, social, interactive, banners, partnerships and more. Since launching in 2020, the design system is used globally.


Client: Spotify
Agency: Spotify In-House
Role: Direction & Design
Design Team: Rasmus Wangelin, Erik Herrström, Angeline Toh, Andreas Lindahl, Will Oswin
Motion Design: Hornet
Collabrators: Christine Andren, Payman Kassaie, Candice Greenberg, Neal Gorevic, Zach Pentel, Alexander Bodman, Alexandra Tanguay, Lauren Solomon.