Spotify Wrapped 2018

Spotify wrapped up 2018 with “2018 Wrapped” - a data-fueled celebration of how fans soundtracked a wild year. A global OOH campaign highlighted the weird ways our audience playlisted, while a personalized online experience inspired over 34 million fans to relive their own streaming data.
The OOH campaign and digital experience combined in an entirely new way, as over 60,000 fans elected to have their 2018 streaming highlights broadcast onto some of the biggest billboards in the world.


Client: Spotify
Agency: Spotify In-House
Role: Direction
Lead Designer: Erik Herrstrom
Design Team: Angeline Toh, Steven Conaway, William Oswin
Collabrators: Dan Brill, Alexander Bodman, Rajeev Basu, Spencer Hansen, Noel Yeo, Alexandra Sobiecki, Alexandra Tanguay, Christine Andrén, Payman Kassaie, Belinda Lopez, Jacky Tran, Lindsay Fischler, Lauren Solomon, Candice Greenberg, Christine Motch, Natalie Espinosa, Andon Espeseth, Jenna Alchin, Kenzie Tankersley, Opal Hoyt, June Sauvaget, Neal Gorevic, Manu Orssaud, Krista Scozzari, Sarah Schlein, Zach Pentel, Nathan Doiev, Chris Monk, James Aviaz + more