Spotify Wrapped 2020

Over the past six years, Wrapped has quickly grown from a global data-powered campaign to a cultural event in its own right. In 2020, Wrapped was bigger than ever, providing some necessary joy and spreading a message of gratitude and resilience around the world.

With 90+ million users and 50+ million shares, we got more than 13,000 press pieces and became the #1 Twitter trending topic for over 4 days.

While Wrapped has traditionally reflected on the intersections of audio, data, and culture, we knew 2020 required something a bit different. 
We wanted Wrapped to provide a sense of community and positivity, centering authentic expressions of gratitude as well as powerful testaments to the world's resilience. Our goal was to help connect and support our users and all the creators they love.

2020 Wrapped became a global framework for artists, comedians, influencers, other brands, and even politicians, to break down and reflect on an unfathomable year. For one blissful moment, the entire internet came together, sharing their unique data stories, thanking the artists and podcasters who helped them get through, creating countless memes, and focusing on some much-needed good news.


Client: Spotify
Agency: Spotify In-House
Role: Direction & Design
Design Director: Carlo Luetto
Design Team: Angeline Toh, Josephine Tan, April Pascua, Rainy Fu, William Oswin, Shivani Parasnis 
Collabrators: Dan Brill, Alexander Bodman, Oriel Davis-Lyons, Carolina PErez-Siam, Dominique Wynne, Edward Yeung, Kate Carter, Jill Menor, Colette McIntyre, Chris Monk, Alexandra Tanguay, Lauren Solomon, Christine Andren, Christine Match, Mel Eisen, Ang Gonzales, Claire Ulak, Zach Pentel, Nate Doiev, Chris Lubin, Neal Gorevic, Nienke Dettmeijer, Louisa Ferguson + more